Spend time enjoying your electric car,

not planning for one.

Swing saves drivers 14+ hours

You shouldn't have to sacrifice your weekends to drive electric

8 hrs
Researching available makes and models
+4 hrs
At the dealership haggling and negotiating
+3 hrs
Researching chargers, calling electricians, collecting bids, scheduling and follow-up on installation

Weren't electric cars supposed to be simpler?

We think so. That's why we built Swing.
Screenshot for Swing Electric web application
A fraction of the time and none of the hassle

Why Swing Is Better

Traditional Process
The Swing Process
Traditional way to pick cars: too much research
The average person spends 8 hours researching available models and which cars are available at local dealerships.
The Swing Way: expert recommendations
Get an instant expert recommendation that takes into account transportation goals and local dealer inventory.
Traditional dealership: wacky wavey inflatable arms guys
The average person spends 4 hours at a dealership wandering the lot, negotiating, waiting, and signing paperwork.
The Swing Way: test drive from home
With Swing, you can test drive and purchase the vehicles you're interested in directly from home, work, or wherever is convenient.
Participating locations only
DIY Charger Installation: degree required
Understanding different charging options, installers, and utility electricity plans can often take three hours and a Ph.D. in electrical engineering.
The Swing Way: test drive from home
Swing software recommends the ideal charger based on your preferred car and driving habits. Our network of local electricians will get you hooked up in no time.
Traditional car buying:
15+ hours
Buying with Swing:
1 hour

Get an electric car without wasting time.