Electric Vehicles Simplified.

Right Electric Car. Right Car Charger. Right Price.

Electric Vehicles. Simplified.

The Right Electric Car. The Right Car Charger. The Right Price.
Have peace of mind in your EV purchase

We pick the best combination of car, charger, electrician, and electrical rate for you.

combination of car, charger, electrician, and ratecombination of car, charger, electrician, and rate

Drive easy knowing Swing has your back.

Know your ev options

Personalized Car Recommendations

Use Swing's online tools to explore which electric cars are on the market and which are best suited to your needs.

Test drive, pressure-free

Stress-Free Test Drive

Step outside of your home or work to test drive a car without the added sales pressure of a car dealership (at participating locations).

Know you are getting a low price

Experts Negotiate For You

Know you are getting an amazing price possible by having Swing's experts negotiate your price, often below market average.

Let Us Do The Charger Homework

We'll Handle The Charger Homework

There are dozens of different chargers and installers on the market. Swing uses powerful software to determine the best one for you.

We will apply for all your qualifying rebates and incentives

Rebate Paperwork? Done.

Swing will automatically find and help you apply for all the rebates you qualify for so that you can be sure you're maximizing your cash back.

Your electric car and charger are just a click away

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"I was frozen at the prospect of spending hours researching cars and matching chargers. Swing just took care of all the hassle for me."

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John P.
Lafayette, CA
Bought a Chevy Bolt

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