Electric cars are the practical choice for commuters.

With Swing, they're also the easiest choice.

Swing offers a streamlined electric car buying service so that you can enjoy:

  • Free HOV Lane Access

    HOV Lane Access

    Electric vehicles get free access to HOV in select parts of the United States.
  • Go further on less money

    Cheaper Fuel Costs

    Electric vehicles can take you 3x-4x as far per dollar as an internal combustion engine.
  • Your mechanic will get lonely

    Lower Maintenance Costs

    Electric vehicles have fewer moving parts which means fewer parts that can break. You end up with more money in your pocket with fewer parts to maintain.
  • Special rates at tool-booths

    Discounts on Tolls

    Some bridge tolls may qualify for a discount when you use an electric vehicle.

Your electric car and charger are just a click away

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Swing will find your perfect commuter car at the lowest price

Find all rebates and incentives
Swing will find all rebates you qualify for and apply on your behalf.
Get the lowest price
Experts at Swing will negotiate your car price so you pay below market average.
Cheapest charger install prices
Swing's curated network of installers will help you save money on charger installation.

Ready for a better commute?