Ultimate EV Buyer's Guide by Swing, Chapter 7

Conclusion: Becoming EV-Ready

Driving electric is more than getting an electric car

Whether it’s for the thrill of instant acceleration, the wallet-smarts of low maintenance costs, or the desire to drive with minimal impact on the planet, drivers all over the US are switching to electric cars. Making the switch requires a boldness of character and a bit more perseverience than a traditional car, but we’ve found people don’t go back once they make the switch. We want to see more electric cars on the road, and we hope this guide has made you confident enough to make the switch.

This guide has explained how to pick the right electric car, how to find all available incentives and rebates, how to pick and install a Level 2 home charger, and how to pick the best electricity rate. We understand these steps can be confusing, but we’re inspired that more and more Americans are making the switch. If you are still unsure, though, rest assured you are not alone. We built Swing Electric to provide expert guidance and get people driving electric faster.

We’ve built software that can sift through the details for you to get your car, charger, and rate set up in one click. Come give us a try!

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SwingElectric Ultimate EV Buyer's Guide
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