2019 Edition

Swing Electric's Ultimate EV Buyer's Guide

Congratulations on taking the first step towards driving electric! Electric vehicles (EVs) are quickly becoming the focus of auto manufacturers and consumers alike because of their exceptional performance characteristics, unmatched safety scores, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Driving electric is more than buying an electric car. You also need to find the right car, charger, installer, rebates, and electricity rates

This guide will lay out the do’s and don’t of leasing or purchasing a new all-electric or plug-in hybrid car. Making the switch requires a few more one-time steps than buying a gas car. Obtaining a vehicle is just one task in driving electric; you also need to pick out a home car charger, find an installer, fill out all the extra paperwork for incentives, and pick the electricity rate from your utility that is the least expensive. But we promise that it’s worth the effort!

If you’d rather have us handle all the headaches and save you 10+ hours of your time, sign up for our Swing Electric buyer’s service

Note: This guide is meant for getting your home ready for fully electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. If you’re looking to buy a hybrid vehicle without a plug, like a Toyota Highlander Hybrid, or a hydrogen-powered zero-emissions car, this guide will only make you excited for what you’re not considering.

SwingElectric Ultimate EV Buyer's Guide
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