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Swing Electric℠ is a service of Nanogrid Technologies, PBC.

At Nanogrid, we believe the future of transportation is electric – that's why we created Swing Electric. It is better for the air we breathe and gets you 3x as many miles per dollar as traditional internal combustion engines. But going electric requires homeowners to make smarter decisions in an increasingly complex home electricity ecosystem. That's why we built Swing Electric - to be an automated energy advisor for homeowners, reducing the operating cost of electric vehicles, and helping drive adoption of clean transportation.

Our mission is to give you the simplest experience making the switch to driving electric. We want to realize the full potential of a transportation system powered by clean electricity, and we've embedded that into our DNA by incorporating as a Public Benefit Corporation. That "PBC" next to our formal name, "Nanogrid Technologies, PBC" means that unlike most companies, our shareholders measure their legacy and return on investment with the environmental impact we create getting you off fossil fuels, not just profits. Many companies talk about their impact, but few put it into their legal corporate charter.

Learn more about how we got started on our blog.

Making the switch to electric shouldn't require a Ph.D. Let us help you save time and money.

The Team

Dan Lopuch, CTO & Co-founder

Dan Lopuch

CTO & Co-founder
Dan is a software startup veteran. He has leveraged data to build many products varying from monitoring outbreaks of infectious diseases in healthcare to predicting and minimizing costs of multi-million dollar cloud infrastructure deployments to consumer-focused analytics platforms. Dan has led engineering teams, been the principal engineer at startups with successful exits, and holds a S.B. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Jon McKay, CEO & Co-founder

Jon McKay

CEO & Co-founder
Jon is a Forbes 30 Under 30 serial entrepreneur with a sharp focus on product design. Out of Olin College of Engineering, Jon co-founded Technical Machine, a IoT company that made hardware development accessible to web developers. Technical Machine raised over $1MM from True Ventures, shipped more than 10k products and earned over $1MM in revenue. In 2017, Jon co-founded HC3 Energy which merged with Nanogrid in 2018.

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Early Stage Clean Tech Accelerator & Venture Fund
500 Startups

500 Startups

International Startup Accelerator & Venture Fund
Nanogrid was accepted into 500 Startup's prestiguous growth accelerator program in 2018. 500 Startups continues to provide mentorship and co-working space for Nanogrid in the heart of San Francisco.