Effortless Electrification for EV Owners

Setting up your home to provide cheap, green electricity for your EV has never been easier.

News: Swing CEO Jon McKay selected to be a 2019 Forbes 30 Under 30 energy entrepreneur!
Level 2 Charger

The easiest way to install a home charger.

Use our app to buy the right charger and then take a few pictures of the installation area . We'll solicit bids from reputable installers and make it easy for you to select the best option.


Drive easy knowing Swing has your back.

We Handle The Charger Homework

We Handle The Charger Homework

There are dozens of different chargers on the market. Swing uses powerful software to determine the best one for you.

Find a reputable installer

Simple Charger Installation

Swing gathers competitive bids from reputable installers with just a few clicks. Your time is valuable. Don't spend it calling around or waiting for on-site inspections.

We will apply for all your qualifying rebates and incentives

Collect Your Rebates

Swing will automatically find and help you apply for all the rebates you qualify for so that you can be sure you're maximizing your cash back.

We will find the cheapest electricity rate for you

Fewer dollars per mile

Swing will help you select the cheapest electricity rate so that you can be sure you're paying the least amount possible to operate your new EV.

Find the right charger for your EV
Level 2 Chargers
Get an instant recommendation for a home charger that fits you and your vehicle. No more guesswork.
Find a licensed & reputable electrician for installation
Trusted Installations
Stop calling and waiting around for installer bids. Just take a few pictures with Swing and we'll gather bids for you.
Automatically apply for rebates & incentives
Easy Rebates
Don't leave any money on the table. Our incentive guide makes sure you claim all federal, state, and local rewards available to you.
Find the Cheapest Electricity Prices
Cheapest Electricity
Get the EV-owner discount from your utility, or learn how to pair your EV with home-made rooftop solar.

We make EVs as simple as they should be.

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"I was frozen at the prospect of spending hours researching cars and matching chargers. Swing just took care of all the hassle for me."

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John P.
Lafayette, CA
Bought a Chevy Bolt

Ready to step on the gas electricity?

Here are some helpful resources if you're not sure about EVs yet:
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Explore 15+ EV models

Our service saves customers 3+ hours. So what's the price?


We started Swing because the extra steps involved with buying EV's shouldn't intimidate us from adopting a cleaner transportation system. Our service is free because as a Public Benefit Corporation, our shareholders measure the carbon reductions of the EV's we get you driving, not just our revenue.
Manual Process
The Swing Process
DIY Charger Installation: degree required
Understanding different charging options, installers, and utility electricity plans can often take three hours and a Ph.D. in electrical engineering.
The Swing Way: test drive from home
Swing software recommends the ideal charger based on your preferred car and driving habits. Our network of local electricians will get you hooked up in no time.

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