Your Tesla is Smart.

Your Charging Should Be Too.

Save hundreds of dollars and shrink your home charging emissions.

No special hardware needed.


Swing has joined Arcadia!

Nanogrid, the creator of Swing Electric, has been acquired by leading clean-tech company Arcadia, which makes it simple, easy, and affordable for residential electricity customers to choose clean energy. No matter where you live or whether you rent or own your home, you can connect to the highest standards of clean energy.

Arcadia is making good on its mission to make clean energy accessible to all Americans. We're excited to join them and make sure the energy that charges your car comes from clean, renewable sources.

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Sync your charging with your electricity rate

Minimize Your Costs

Swing automatically syncs with your home's electricity rate to make sure your vehicle charges at the cheapest time.

Track the cost of charging your vehicle

Track Your Spending

Swing is smart enough to separate your EV charging costs from the rest of your home electricity bill.

Charge at the cleanest times

Use Clean Energy

Swing tracks the cleanliness of the grid to ensure you charge with more renewables, dropping average emissions by 20%.

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Cutting Edge Smart Charge Technology

  • Works with any charger or plug. No special hardware needed.
  • Syncs with any Tesla vehicle (Tesla login required)
  • Automatically detect your current electricity rate with UtilitySync™ technology.
  • Get detailed cost reports and realtime alerts.

Three Steps To Charging with Swing:

1  Plug in your charger (Swing is compatible with all plugs and chargers)
2  Update your expected departure time, if needed
3  Swing will automatically fill your Tesla up with the cheapest and cleanest energy
Level 2 Charger

Extend Range, Reduce Emissions, & Minimize Cost

More Range For Less Money

More Range For Less Money

Swing automatically maximizes your range during off-peak periods and takes into account rate changes and time-of-use adjustments on holidays, weekends, and seasonal variations.

Minimize Emissions From Power Plants

Minimize Emissions From Power Plants

Swing automatically charges your vehicle when the electric power generation near your vehicle is cleanest.

Accurate Charging Cost Reports

Accurate Charging Cost Reports

Swing can tell you exactly how much you're paying to charge your Tesla at home.

Electricity Rate Optimization

Electricity Rate Optimization

Always be sure that you're on the cheapest electricity rate for your personalized combined home + EV usage (feature coming soon).

"Everything I wished was in the Tesla app for intelligently controlling your charging is here."

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